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The familiar morbidity, reason and solution of conductive coatings






The hand feeling is not satisfied

The coating layer is too thin.

The coating layer must > 30 micron.


Not dry, sticky, and the gloss is too high or too low.

Whether the temperature of oven is right.

To check the accuracy of oven temprature

Inaccurate measure.

use the electronic scales to ensure the standard mixing proportion.

The type of the curing agent is not fit, or the dosage is wrong.

The curing agent should be the stated model.


Disembodiment, poor adhesive force and wrinkle

The drying time of primer is too long, the surface is too hard, not completely dry when rework.

Drying temperature and time should accord to the standard. The elastic coatings must completely dry.


Become white

The humidity is > 80

1.The work place should be equipped with dehumidifying equipment.
2. To use thinner to adjust or add blush resistance agent


Possible faulty goods.

Maybe dust, particles, on the surface of finished products. Or with miss- sprayed areas.

Firstly do a retreatment to the surface of unqualified products, then recoat the surface with primer, and apply the elastic top coat. (discard the products with serious scarification)

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